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That other famous evangelist was Charles Bradley Templeton.

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Q: What was the name of the famous evangelist that started at the same time as billy graham but eventually left the faith?
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Why is billy graham famous?

Billy Graham is a very famous evangelist , who is now very old.

Who was a famous reverend in the 1950's?

Billy Graham was a famous evangelist in the 1950's and so on but I dont know a famous reverend

Did Billy Graham di?

Billy Graham is a very famous evangelist, but he is not yet dead, he is very old today. As of January 2016, Billy Graham is still in the land of the living.

Who was the good friend of Billy Graham that was also an evangelist but lost his religion?

Billy Graham's friend, Charles Bradley Templeton, was not only a consummate evangelist but Billy Graham's early partner on the preaching circuit, and co-founder of Youth for Christ International. Eventually beginning to doubt the reason for his faith, he decided to study theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. Gaining a real grounding in his faith merely confirmed his doubts, until he reached the point that he could no longer be a believer. His personal honesty came at great personal cost, causing him to lose many of his friends (but not Billy Graham) and even a marriage breakdown.

What is the Middle name of evangelist billy graham?


What is Billy Graham the evangelist real name?

Evangelist Billy Graham's given name at birth was William Franklin Graham, Jr. He was born in Charlotte NC on November 7, 1918, and named after his father, who was a dairy farmer.

What made Billy Graham famous?

Billy Graham Is one of the best-known Christian evangelist of the 2oth century.The Reverend Billy Graham Played a significant part of the growth of evangelical Christianity in the United States and in the world in the mid-and -late-Twentieth Century.

Who was America's most famous evangelist during the 19 century?

Some would consider Dwight L. Moody to be the most famous, while others would say Billy Graham.

Who did boxer ricky hatton fight in his first professional bout?

probably billy graham, known as "the preacher" as he shares his name with a famous evangelist.

Which American evangelist visited Australia in 1959?

Billy Graham visited Australia in 1959.

What other health issues does Billy Graham have besides Hydrocephalus and Parkinsons Disease?

Billy Graham, the evangelist announced in 1992 that he has Parkinson's disease.

What fame or profit did Alexander Graham Bell get from inventing the telephone?

He started a telephone company that eventually became a monopoly.