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Q: Which gods and goddesses have red hair?
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Did Apollo have red hair?

Sometimes he is shown with red hair, but he could change his shape and hair color as most of the Greek gods and goddesses could.

Who were the major gods and goddesses of Greece?

Major Gods and Goddesses of GreeceThe major gods and goddesses of Greece were:ZeusPoseidonHeraAphroditeApolloAresArtemisAthenaDionysusHephaestusHermesDemeterHades

How did greek gods and goddesses become gods and goddesses?

It's impossible for a mortal to become a God

How long has Hera the goddess been a goddess?

All along. Gods and goddesses were born as gods and goddesses and remained gods and goddesses throughput their immortality.

Is Odysseus afraid of the gods and goddesses?

Any human was afraid of the Gods or Goddesses

What did greek gods and goddesses drink?

Greek gods, and goddesses drank wine.

Is there more than 11 greek gods and goddesses?

There are twelve main gods and goddesses(the Olympians), but there are lots of other minor gods and goddesses in Greek mythology.

Where was the Greek Gods and Goddesses deaths?

there were no deaths of gods and goddesses because they were all immortal

How many gods and goddesses in ancient greece?

There were 37 gods & goddesses in Ancient Greece

What relationship did Aphrodite have with the other gods and goddesses?

She has worked with other gods or goddesses but they are not told.

How many known Greek gods and goddesses are there?

A lot. The Greeks worship many gods and goddesses so you can't find the exact number. There are many major and minor Greek gods and goddesses. You have to be more specific, how many Greek major gods or how many minor gods.

Were egyptians believed to be gods?

The Egyptians did not believe themselves to be gods or goddesses while living; they believed in gods and goddesses throughout their lives and certain famed persons were believed to become gods or goddesses.