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St. Benedict and Pope Benedict XV.

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Q: Who is Pope Benedict named after?
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Is Pope Benedict XVI the 16th pope named Benedict?

yes,he is the 16th pope with the name benedict!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many popes were named Pope Benedict?

There have been 15 popes named Benedict. Benedict X does not count as he was an antipope.

What was Pope Benedict VIII's birth name?

Pope Benedict was named Theophylactus at birth.

Is Pope Benedict a twin?

No, there has never been a twin Pope Benedict. However, Saint Benedict had a twin sister named Scholastica.

Does Pope Benedict XVI have a brother?

Pope Benedict has a brother named Georg Ratzinger who is also a priest.

How many popes have been named Benedict?

There have been 15 popes named Benedict. There was no pope named Benedict X. That name was chosen by an anti-pope who was not a true pope. Pope Benedict XI should have taken the name Benedict X but, due to some confusion, he did not. At the time of Benedict's election, however, this status was not recognized, thus the man the Roman Catholic Church officially considers the tenth true Pope Benedict took the official number XI rather than X. This has advanced the numbering of all subsequent Popes Benedict by one. Popes Benedict XI-XVI are, from an official point of view, the tenth through fifteenth popes by that name.

What is the name of Pope Benedict's mother?

The mother of Pope Benedict XVI was named Maria Ratzinger (nee Peintner).

Who is Joseph Benedetto -what pope?

Pope Benedict XVI was originally named Joseph.

Who is Saint Benedict the pope?

There were two popes named Benedict who are saints. Please specify Benedict II or Benedict XI.

Where did Pope Benedict serve?

There have been 15 popes named Benedict. Please be specific.

Is Pope Benedict a hero?

There have been 15 popes named Benedict. Please be specific.

Which religion does pope Benedict profess?

There have been 15 popes named Benedict (there was no Benedict X) and all were Catholics.