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To be honest i am scared when i see things like that. I rarely go to churches because of that.

But a fact in The Bible.


Throughout all of 1 Corinthians it is said.


By the way in verse 11 it says Barbarian. This is not good. You'll be amazed of what is said. I love this type of things in the Bible.

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Q: Why do you speak in tongues why do pastor speak in tongues?
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When was In Tongues We Speak created?

In Tongues We Speak was created in 1997.

Does raul ries speak in tongues?

Raul Ries, a pastor and radio host known for his conservative beliefs, has publicly shared that he speaks in tongues as part of his faith practice. This is in line with his Pentecostal or charismatic Christian background, where speaking in tongues is often viewed as a spiritual gift.

Why do seven day aventist speak in tongues?

we Seven day Adventist do not speak in tongues.

Is it proper to speak in tongues during church service without a interpreter?

No it is wrong, as the bible says when speaking in tongues , then it should be interpreted.If not then do not speak in tongues or noise making.

Can you speak in tongues and not understand what you pray?


Can people who speak in tongues understand each other?

No, there are people who interpret tongues like my dad can, but he doesn't know all the different tongues and he has never spoking in tongues.

What churchs are penecostal?

penecostal is were they believe in tongues. it's okay if you don't speak in tongues, they'll still exept you.

Does the church of christ believe in speaking in tongues?

Only if it is required. As speaking in tongues is the ability to speak in another language of the world for the spreading of the gospel message. True Bible tongues is only required on the mission field.

Do Nazarenes speak in tongues?

If the question is asking about Christians from Nazareth, they do not do the ritual of "speaking in tongues". This is more of Pentacostal type of thing.

Do people have to learn to speak in tongues or does it happen naturally?

According to the bible, speaking in tongues is a spiritual gift. It is not something to be learned.

Did Jesus speak in tongues in the Bible?

The Bible never suggests that Jesus spoke in tongues. It is assumed that he always spoke in clear Aramaic.

Do most Christians speak in tongues?

No, that is more prevalent in Pentecostal churches.