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The answer is..."Christian, recognize your dignity."

This answer sounds like it wouldn't be right but in the book Morality it clearly states this answer on page 7 first sentence.

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Q: With what statement does the Catechism begin its discussion of the moral life?
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A non-moral statement is a statement that does not involve moral judgments or evaluations. It is a statement that simply describes a fact or situation without making any reference to moral principles or values.


A UN moral statement refers to a statement or action that is considered unethical or contrary to accepted moral principles within the context of the United Nations' values and principles.

What is a statement that tells the message of a fables?

A moral

How does the Catechism of the Catholic Church define virtue?

The Glossary of the Catechism defines Virtue:Virtue: A habitual and firm disposition to do the good. The moral virtues are acquired through human effort aided by God's grace; the theological virtues are gifts of God (CCC1803).

According to moral realists the best hope for finding accepted and agreed upon moral principles is through?

calm cool, unprejudiced discussion.

What is a true statement about Neoclassical painting?

It inspired patriotism and taught moral values.

What is an example of a positive statement?

A positive statement is a philosophical term for statements that simply state how things are without moral implications. An example of a positive statement would be "the grass is green".

During which stage does complex moral thinking begin to develop?

For the test quoted the correct answer is "Adolescents, age 13 to 20." Supporting theory is Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development.

Are films rare in the contemporary era that focus on making a strong moral statement?

That is kind of a yes and no question, because sometimes they do and sometimes you might find a meaning within them, but the director and the maker did not intend for there to really be a moral statement so yes and no. At this era, movies are mainly made for mankinds' entertainment.

What does moral statement mean?

statements about the persons thoughts and personality eg: if they say murder is wrong they mean they disagree with it and have reasons for it

What is the underlying meaning of a literary work that the writer wants the reader to get out of their writing?

the moral behind a statement theme

What is an ethos statement?

An ethos statement is a brief declaration that communicates the core values and beliefs that guide an individual, organization, or brand. It serves as a moral compass and helps stakeholders understand the principles that drive decisions and actions.