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Catholic AnswerSt. Therese of the Child Jesus (nicknamed "the Little Flower), died very young and was a very fervent missionary from her enclosed Carmelite monastery. She is one of the most famous saints, especially for the miracles that are attributed to her intercession. She is most well known for her "little way"; she said that she was not strong enough to be a great saint, and so found holiness in the little things of everyday life. She was pleasant, caring, and charming to those she found most difficult. She had a huge trust in Our Blessed Lord, and, when she didn't have the strength to do something, trustingly turned to Him, and asked for, expected, and received His help. On her deathbed, barely able to breath from tuberculous, she was reprimanded by her Mother Superior for being short with another sister. She immediately thanked Mother, and then God for another fault to bring to the throne of His mercy.
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Saint Therese of Lisieux is considered a good role model because of her simplicity, humility, and devotion to God. She lived a life of love and service, embracing the idea of doing small things with great love. Her "Little Way" inspires many to find joy in everyday moments and to trust in God's love and mercy.

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Q: Why is saint therese of lisieux a good role model?
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St. Therese of the Child Jese, also known as St. Therese of Lisieux or "the Little Flower". Pope John Paul II named her the 33rd Doctor of the Church in 1998. This was in recognition of the great value of her theology of "the little way", that of carrying out the small details of our lives with great love of God. This theology of the little way was one of great relevance for our time, with its emphasis on the ordinary and on supreme, childlike trust in the good God.

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