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It depends. For example, if the mother is jewish, her children are too.

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Q: Do the children take the religion of the father or mother?
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How does the mother get her children from their father?

Generally, they would go take the father to court and claim for custody (protection/safeguarding) over the children.

Can a father take his children out of the country when they live with their mother and she does not approve?

No, you can not, that would be kidnapping.

Can a dad take the children to girlfriend's house without the mother's consent?

It depends on the mother's opinion on the relationship. If the mother approves of the relationship, the father might as well take their children. But it is always safe that the mother knows where their kids are.

Can a father take away children from the mother if he don't have any proof that she's unfit?

No he can not.

Can a mother get a police officer and take children from father?

If she has custody of the kids. Legal custody.

Is a wife responsible for husband children from a previous marriage?

Not if the mother is in the childern's lives. If you married the father then the children cme along too, you are now the step-mother and have to take that responsibility if it is given to you.

Father has joint custody and mother has care and control who is responsible to take the children to dentist and doctor appointments?

It is the duty of the mother as she has the care and control of the child.

Can a father legally take children from a mother who is illegal?

Yes, by court ruling. However if the child is taken by the mother to her home country, that country has the rule

Can a father take a newborn from its mother?

NO. only if the mother is unfit.

If father is legally responsible to maintain health insurance for children but drops coverage what is mother's recourse?

Take him back to court.

Can you move out of the state of VA with children without the consent of the biological father?

If the father and mother are not married, the father's name is not on the birth certificate, and there is no custody agreement in place, the mother may take the child out of state. Otherwise, there would be legal consequences.

If the father wants to leave the mother can he take the child with him?

A father can take his child with him if he can prove that the mother is unstable or unfit to care for the child. Also, the mother can give him her permission to take the child.

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