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Everyday people show heroism in very ordinary circumstances, and never expect to publicly be called a 'hero'. As some examples:

  • The school student who stands up to someone who bullies other students who are different, disliked, disabled, etc.
  • The student who reports a crime because it is the right thing to do.
  • The young person who sees a need in the community and helps - such as helping elderly neighbors by cutting the grass, running errands, doing dusting, helping around the neighbor's house.
  • The young person who donates his/her allowance, or collects money, for a worthy cause.
  • The person who lives by high values and morals, regardless of what friends do.
  • The person who regularly prays for countries, leaders, and people -- despite not knowing the people.
  • The person - adult or youngster - who is more concerned with other people's needs rather than only thinking of his or her own needs.
  • The child or adult who undergoes repeated tests and treatment for a serious condition or disease, like cancer.
  • The child or adult who lives each day in chronic pain.
  • The parent who is dying but makes a conscious effort to create memory items (videos, scrapbooks, letters) to leave to his or her children.
  • The person or family who has been affected by adversity (fire, flood, tornado) but tries to help others.
  • The person who hires a disabled person, not from pity, but to give an opportunity.
  • The person who does the right thing, even when there's no Law that says "this is right to do". For example, giving up your place in line to someone who isn't as healthy, strong, or as able as you.
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Q: How can you show heroism?
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