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Local churches that were established after Jesus's death.

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The 13 Epistles of Paul have a two fold basis..Paul preaches the gospel of God which proclaims that Jesus Christ died, was buried, then rose again the third day to ascend back to Heaven as the reigning Savior of the world..This is the same gospel that Christ's Apostles (The 12) were preaching but from there the message transitioned into two different sets of instructions.. The 12 preached for Israel to repent (a heart felt change of mind) of killing the Messiah and he would come on back down to the Earth and set up his kingdom..Paul preached repent and be baptized by the spirit of God and await Christ to call us up in to the heavens to rule and reign in heavenly places..These two messages are built on the same foundation but have separate destinations..There's a lot more that could be said concerning this question but that's basically it in a nut shell..If you would like to know more on this subject, I have a YouTube channel that is based on this very thing..I would be glad to share more truth with you..God bless and grace and peace :)

My Youtube handle is @thegoodfight4990

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Q: What do the epistles or Paul letters tell about?
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What do epistles or Paul's letters tell about?

Local churches that were established after Jesus's death.

What are the 14 letters or epistles that are attributed to Paul are said to be the oldest books of the new testament?

Paul wrote 14 books of the Bible, starting with Romans and continuing through Hebrews.

What is the Greek term for letters of Paul?


What is another name for the epistles?

prison letters, or the letters of Saint Paul

What were Pauls letters called?

If you're referring to St. Paul's letters in the New Testament, they are called epistles.

What are Saint Paul's writings called?

Letters or epistles.

What was St. Paul letter or epistles called?

They were called letters.

How many epistles of Timothy are included in the New Testament?

None. There are, however, two epistles (letters) from Paul TO Timothy.

How many epistles does the third group of Paul's letters contain?


What message does Saint Paul send out?

Paul sent letters (epistles) to various Churches in the areas he served.

In the book of paul in the bible how many times is the word immediately?

There is no book of Paul in the Bible. Paul wrote letters or epistles.

Acts versus Paul's letters?

The literary forms are different. Acts is written in the form of history. The Epistles are written as letters to church communities or to individuals. Both tell us something about St. Paul and his preaching. Each has a different point of view. Acts was written by St. Luke, a companion of St. Paul on part of his missionary journeys, while the Epistles were written by St. Paul himself.