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The ark in ark music factory stands for Autotuned Rich Kids

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Q: What does ARK stand for?
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What is the stand called where the jews holy book is kept?

The Torah scroll is kept in an ark called the Aron Kodesh (Holy Ark). It is read on a stand called a Bimah.

What does arc stand for in the movie Evan almighty?

Act of Random Kindness. ARK

What does 300 C was the L of the A stand for?

300 Cubits was the Length of the Ark (Noah's)

What does the GK stand for in 'Ark Angel GK'?

The letters after 'Ark Angel' is for the creature's race. EV = Elvaan, HM = Hume, GK = Galka, MR = Mithra, TT = Tarutaru.

Where is a synagouge would you find the Torah?

The Torah is kept in the ark, a box or house for the Torah scrolls. The ark is usually behind or near the bima ("stage") where the rabbi, cantor, and readers stand.

What does upe ark stand for?

Either "GuadalUPE ARKansas" (doesn't seem to exist) or, most likely "sUPErmARKet" (this is my guess). Alan Hubbard

Who said give me a leaver and a place to stand and I will move the Earth?

That would be the Greek philosopher, Archimedes. (ark-uh-MEE-deez)

What is the purpose of the ark?

There were two arks , Noahs ark and the ark of the covenant.The ark of the covenant was to carry the ten commandments. Today, the ark is a cabinet in synagogues, normally at the front of the sanctuary, where the Torahs are kept.

What is an ark unit?

An ark unit is thought to be a pair. Such as most animals on the ark.

Why is the ark in noahs ark important?

if he did not build the ark he and his family would drown.

What is the homophone of an ark?


Where is the ark of the angels?

There is no ark of the angels.

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