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A vigil mass is a mass said on the day before a major feast day. Vigil masses are "waiting" masses, meaning that the approaching feast day is of such import that the Church desires the faithful to take a day to prepare themselves to celebrate it fully, with true hearts and clear dispositions. A vigil mass day is therefore usually a day of fast and/or abstinence and the mass itself has propers - specific prayers - that call the soul to purify itself in preparation of the feast tomorrow.

In the old times, Vigils were there because the Sabbath started from sundown on the (now called sixth day) and ended at sundown on the seventh day.

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A vigilant mass refers to a group of individuals who are alert, watchful, and attentive to potential dangers or threats in a particular situation or environment. It often implies a heightened sense of awareness and readiness to respond to any issues that may arise.

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There is no such thing as a vigilant mass. However, a VIGIL mass, is a mass that is celebrated on the eve of a feast day - for instance, Saturday evening masses or other vigil masses such as Christmas Eve or the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday night.

A VOTIVE mass is a Mass celebrated in honor of a special saint or for a special purpose such as the Mass of the Holy Spirit, or a Mass in honor of the Blessed Mother.

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Q: What is a vigilant mass?
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