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The book of Hosea the prophet.

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Q: What is the Book after Daniel?
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Who was the audience in the book of Daniel?

Who is the Bk of Daniel written for

Book before Daniel?

Ezekiel comes before Daniel in the Bible.

Who was Daniel in The Bible?

There are more than one Daniel in the Bible, but the name 'Daniel' is almost always associated with the Book of Daniel, which describes Daniel as a young boy when taken into exile by the Babylonians. He would have been born shortly before 600 BCE. No other book in the Old Testament mentions this Daniel, although Ezekiel does mention a near-contemporary also called Daniel. However, Ezekiel's Daniel must have been a little earlier that the hero of the Book of Daniel.The Book of Daniel speaks of Daniel in the third person, thus the author was not Daniel himself. In fact, there is good reason to doubt whether Daniel was a real, historical person. The book appears to have been written approximately 147 BCE to describe events occurring hundreds of years earlier, and its hero might have been inspired by the Daniel in the Book of Ezekiel. Historical errors in the Book of Daniel make its evidence unreliable.

Who was Daniel in The Bible and what did he do?

There were several persons called Daniel in the Bible. In 1 Chronicles, Daniel was the second son of David. Ezramentions a Daniel in the reign of Artaxerxes (465-424 BCE); Nehemiah also mentions a Daniel. Ezekiel talks of a Daniel, who lived early in the Babylonian Exile and whom it compares to Noah and Job, but Ezekiel does not say what he did or was famous for.The most important Daniel in the Bible is the main charactor in the Book of Daniel. That this could not be the same Daniel as the Daniel of Eziekiel is demonstrated by the different time periods described. Ezekiel's Daniel was much too early for the Daniel described in the Book of Daniel. The Daniel in the Book of Daniel is said to have risen to become the second most important person in the Babylonian Empire. After the Persian defeat of the Babylonian Empire, he also became the second most important person in the Persian Empire. He is described as miraculously surviving exotic execution attempts. Tradition says that Daniel actually wrote the Book of Daniel, but evidence internal to the book demonstrates that that could not be the case. Almost all scholars recognise the Book of Daniel as being written by an anonymous author during the third century BCE.

Did Daniel write any books of the bible?

Whether or not Daniel wrote any of the books in the Bible is often argued among scholars. Daniel's story can be found in the Old Testament in the book of Daniel, but if he wrote the book there is no proof.

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What book is Daniel and the lions den in?

The story of Daniel in the lions den can be found in the book of Daniel.

Who was the book of Daniel written for?


Which book comes after Daniel in the Old Testament?

The book after Daniel is Hosea.

In the Bible what is the book before Daniel?

The book before Daniel is Ezekiel.

Who did Daniel write to in the book of Daniel?


In the Bible where will you find the story of Daniel?

In the Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Scriptures, or "Old Testament." The Book of Psalms is dead center of the Bible. The Book of Daniel is the 8th book after Psalms.

Is Daniel in the old testament?

Yes, one of the Books bears his name. The Book of Daniel. See also:More about the Book of Daniel

According to the Bible where did the Prophet Daniel write his book?

Daniel wrote his book in Babylon.

When was Daniel Boone - book - created?

Daniel Boone - book - was created in 1939-01.

What books of the Bible mention Daniel?

Daniel is mentioned in Ezekiel, the book of Daniel and the gospels of Matthew and Luke. The name Daniel is also in 1 Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah but they are not the same Daniel as in the book of Daniel

Who was the audience in the book of Daniel?

Who is the Bk of Daniel written for

Why was the book of Daniel written?

The book of Daniel was written to inspire believers through the story of Daniel, a man was obedient to the God of Israel and received protection and blessings. The book of Daniel exhorts believers to have the same uncompromising faith and obedience that Daniel had. It is also a book of prophecy yet to come.

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