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The value of the Old Testament is to allow us to understand the New Testament. The Old Testament points to the New Testament and shows us why we need a savior.

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Q: What is the value of Old Testament?
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Does the old testament have less value than the New Testament?

no. they are both important to christian life.

Give 3 historical books in the Old Testament?

The three books in the old testament of historical value are the book of Esther, Ezra and Book of Songs.

Why did New Testament writers include scriptres from Old Testament in their accounts?

Because the Old Testament hasn't been deleted. We still use the Old Testsament, after all it has a lot of value in it and it is God's Word. Jesus also speaks from the Old Testament. The New Testament begins a new covenant, two new commandments and how we are able to return to God.

Is Abraham in the new testament or Old Testament?

he is in the old testament

Is Isaiah in the old testament or new testament?

The Old Testament.

Who killed Jesus in old testament?

Jesus was in the new testament and not the old testament.

Who are the believers of the Old Testament?

Jews believe in the Old Testament exclusively. Christians believe in the Old Testament along with the New Testament.

How is The Bible arranged?

Arranged from the new testament and the old testament. Arranged from the new testament and the old testament.

How does the New Testament continue the Old Testament story?

There are prophecies in the old testament fulfilled in the new testament.

Who is Abraham from the Old Testament?

a person from the old testament

Is Isaiah in the new or old testament?

The Old Testament.

Is the New Testament the same as the old testament?

In short, the old testament is the new testament concealed, the new is the old revealed. The old testament is before the human birth of Jesus, the new is during and after.

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