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you'd have to ask him, but he is spiritual and appears heavily conflicted and fluid on the subject. from writing about God to vocalising his fandon of black/satanic metal, its a twister trying to pin a title on him. his recent blasting of Republicans and their pandering to the Christian right has left religious fans yet again alienated from Ryan. my feeling is he is deep down a Christian and will end up that way later in life

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11y ago
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Brenda VonCannon

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2y ago

I have been curious about Bryan's faith ever since I started listening to his music. There are many references to things of a spiritual nature. His support of charitable things and even on love. My first impression was that as a child he had a Christian heritage and received some Christian instruction--all just my impression. Since he now has the two girls, I would wonder if that may have made him think again about God. My prayers are for him and his family that they would be saved.

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1mo ago

Bryan Adams does not publicly identify with a specific religion. His personal beliefs and religious affiliation are not widely known.

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13y ago

In his twitter he said : I was asked recently about my religion, I am quite simply an atheist.

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Q: What religion is Bryan Adams the singer?
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