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Greg Graffin, the lead singer and primary songwriter of Bad Religion is an athiest.

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Q: What religion is the band bad religion if any?
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Which band released the album 'No Control'?

The band that released the album called No Control is the band Bad Religion. The album was released in the year 1989 and is the fourth album by Bad Religion.

Is bad religion a satanic band?

No, they are more of a social/political band. The "religion" part comes from things like corruption, injustice, fascism, war, hate and things like that, it's just a bad religion...

Is Bad Religion a Godly band?

Yes, definitely and ironically.

Is slipknot christan?

the band its self is not a Christan band nor a band of any other religion

Who is the lead singer of the band Bad Religion?

Greg Graffin

What religion is alesana?

As a band, they do not have any religious affiliations in their music.

Is the devil wears Prada a bad name for a Christian band?

Yes it's a bad name for a band any way.

Whose fifth album is Against The Grain?

Against the Grain is the fifth album of the American punk rock band Bad Religion. Against the Grain is the seventh release from Bad Religion overall.

What all male band sang a song about you walk the line?

Bad Religion's song "The Dichotomy" says: "Did you walk the line?"

Is cussing against babtist religion?

No, cussing is not a Baptist religion, or any religion at that! Cussing is bad so don't do it.................for our god, pleas.

Is parkway drive Christian?

PARKWAY DRIVE IS A Christianity Band and converts to that her album (bad religion) it mean (AUSTRALIA) = (samsara) = (karma); all the live party in denver colorado or uk so this band live in other place now with the new religion!

Are any of the members in the band Pantera Christians?

It hasn't been confirmed all of the band members' religion in Pantera. However, it is rumored that their guitar player is a Christian.