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Jesus was the one who borrowed it. He didn't need to keep it because he rose from the dead. So he only borrowed it for a few days and then gave it back to Joseph of Arimathaea.

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2009-08-11 06:21:21
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Q: Who borrowed the tomb that Jesus body laid within?
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Where was Jesus laid?

Jesus was laid to rest in a borrowed tomb.

Where did Jesus body go?

Jesus body was laid in a unused tomb.

Where were Jesus Christ body laid to rest?

Followers of Jesus sought and received permission to remove his body from the Cross. His body was laid to rest in the unused tomb of Joseph of Arimathea.

Where did Jesus resurect?

In the cave that his body was laid in. Matthew 28:7

What Jesus was laid in after his birth?

Jesus was laid in a manger at his birth.

Who observed where the body of Jesus was laid?

The Gospels tell us that Joseph of Arimethea was granted permission to take the body of Jesus off the cross and he laid him in a tomb that he owned. Mary, the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdeline also saw Jesus when He was first laid in the tomb. They did not complete the task of preparing the body due to fact that the Sabbath had begun. They had to waite until early Sunday morning but by then Christ had already risen.

Where did the resurrection of Jesus take place?

At the tomb where the body of Jesus was laid. This was just outside the old city walls of Jerusalem

What do Christians believe about the incarnation of Jesus?

If you are referring to the act of Jesus' death and resurrection, Christians believe Jesus came back into the same human body in the tomb he was laid to rest.

Who laid jesus in the tomb?

Joeseph wrapped the body in linen and shroud, and placed him in the tomb. However, Mary, Jesus' mother was there, accompanied by Mary Magdalene, who washed Jesus with perfumes.

What was Jesus got laid in the tomb?

I'm not sure what your asking. Joseph of Aramethea, a rich and influential follower of Jesus removed the body from the cross. Then the body was wrapped in a linen shroud and put in the tomb.

When Jesus was he was laid in what?

After Jesus was born , he lay in a man-jar.

When Jesus was bornhe was laid in this?


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