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Anirudha Bapu (Dr. Aniruddha Joshi aka Bapu) is not a simple man or humen being... He is incarnation of GOD. He is Sakshat Saai Baba. I am Devotee of my Bapu and got many experiences as well as getting many more in my day to day life. I have attended his many Pravachanas (discourses) in Mumbai and he is teaching us How to Love our GOD and how to please him with our innocent Bhakti ( Devotion ) He is teaching mankind as to how to love other humen being and how to respect your own self. He is GOD He is our Royal King and he know what is going to happen in coming future with mankind. He wrote the Book which is very femous on World War Third which shows extream intteligence and extra ordinary side of my Bapu. Year 2025 is the Golden Day for mankind as he told all of his Devotees ( Year 2025 , Tripurari Pournima Day as per Indian Calender ) Currently our activities are continuously followed throughout the world. Kindly please go through the links mentioned below to be a part of the GOD's family. He has come for us, then why to stay away from HIM? Amen.

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Q: Who he anirudha bapu?
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