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with good care about 3-4 yrs.I have a skink and am well experienced.

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Yes they are in Connecticut.

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Q: Can five-lined skinks be kept as pets?
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Are blue-tailed skinks venomous?

No, they are not venomous. In fact, they make very good pets.

How does a berber skink get water in the wild?

i believe berber skinks can survive on the water content they get from eating insects. but its a good idea if you keep berber skinks as pets to provide them with fresh water.

Can you keep skinks as pets in new zealand?

well if you have a aquarium and all the things and are experienced of course go for it!

Can platypuses be kept as pets in the US?

No. platypuses are not permitted to be kept as pets anywhere in the world.

Can snail be cept as pets?

Snails can be kept as pets.

Can kiwi be kept as pets?

Absolutely not. Kiwi are protected by law and may not be kept as pets anywhere in the world.

Can love birds be kept as pets if taken good care?

They are commonly kept as pets, so the answer would be yes

Can you make lions as pets?

No, lions are not meant to be kept as pets.

Why is the blue tongue skink endangered?

No, blue-tailed skinks are not endangered, but blue-tailed mole skinks are. These are a limited area variety, and are not the common blue-tailed skink that seem to be everywhere here around my house in Missouri.

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Are mongooses kept as pets?


How many horses are kept as pets?

about 98% of the population of horses are kept as pets There are about 800,000 horses in the world, with the numbers still going up. And about 600,000 of those horses are kept as pets. About 2/3 fo the whole horse population.