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snapping turtles have strong bite i dont know about the strongest tho

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If you wanted to put it that way. Liopleurodon and megalodon had the strongest bite orces on earth.

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Q: Does tortoise has the strongest bite?
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Who has the strongest bite in the animal kingdom?

The great white shark has the strongest bite in the world. It also turns out that its bite is not only the strongest bite now, but the strongest there has ever been :)

Worlds strongest animal bite?

The crocodile has the strongest bite in the globe.

Does the crocodile have the strongest bite?

yes crocodiles have the strongest bite of any living animal

Do tortoises has the strongest bite?

No, there is other animals with stronger bite forces but the alligator snapping turtle is in the list of the top 20 strongest bite forces, the animal with the most powerful bite is the saltwater crocodile

Is a bears bite is the strongest in the world?

No. The Great White Shark is the animal with the strongest bite force in the world. Even alligators and crocodiles have a more powerful bite force than a bear.

Which mammal has the strongest bite force?

The Orcinus orca holds the record as the strongest mammal bite force although it is not 100% clear, and it is based on happening incidents at f.e. Sea World. But the actual known and *recorded* bite force is one of the Crocodilus porosus, also known as the saltwater crocodile. The strongest crocodile bite force is of TIL's with a bite force of 5,000 pounds per square inch (psi). The *thought* and *not clear* orca bite force is 13,000 pounds per square inch (psi).

How do you care for a tortoise bite?

you don't need to care for a bite because it is normally like a little paper cut but algergater tortoises will bite your finger LITERLY

What is the bite force of a saint bernard?

aprox. 400-500 pounds. The English Mastiff holds the record of the strongest bite force (500 pounds) for dogs. They measure bite force from the size of their head and English Mastiffs and Saint Bernards have just about the same size head, therefore they basically have the same bite force.

What is special about hyenas?

they have the strongest bite of any mammal

What is jaguar's bite force?

Around 2000 psi(the strongest bite in the felidae which means the cats and 2nd strongest for predators on land second only to the spotted hyena).

What cat has the strongest bite?

The jaguar has the strongest bite of all felids, capable of biting down with 1500 psi. This is twice the strength of a great white shark and the second strongest of all mammals after the hippopotamus so your answer is Jaguar

What animal has the strongest bite that lives on earth?

saltwater crocodile