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the size of a cocnut but even they are smart still

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Q: How big is a Komodo Dragon brain?
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Is a komodo dragon a dragon?

No, its just a big lizard.

How big are Komodo dragons claws?

komodo dragon use there claws to rip open there prey

How big can a komodo dragon as an adult?

about the size of 4 yards

How old is a komodo dragon?

A komodo dragon can be any age comparing how big it is.

Which is heaver komodo dragon or penguin?

komodo dragon

What is a komodo dragon's width?

width of a komodo dragon

Is the correct spelling Komodo Dragon or Kimoto Dragon?

The correct spelling is Komodo Dragon. Komodo comprises the islands that form the archipelago where the komodo dragon's habitat is.

Is komodo dragon is a dragon?

No, the Komodo dragon is a large type of Monitor lizard and is not a dragon.

When was Komodo dragon created?

Komodo dragon was created in 1912.

Can polar bear swallow a Komodo dragon?

ya b/c their big

Is a komodo dragon a secondary consumer?

A Komodo Dragon is a Secondary consumer!

What was the past range of the Komodo dragon?

The range of the komodo dragon is from Komodo Island to the island of Gili Matang.