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boa constrictors do not lay eggs, pythons lay eggs. not boas.

and and incubator with fan and thermometer and heat mat.

usualy 70 ish days they will hatch

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Alligator lizards give live birth

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Q: How do you take care of alligator lizard eggs?
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Do northern aligator lizards have live babies?

Northern Alligator Lizard give live birth, but they dont take care of their young, in fact they may eat their babies.

What do you do when a lizard is pregnant?

When a lizard is pregnant, it's important to ensure she has a suitable nesting area with appropriate substrate to lay her eggs. Provide a warm basking spot and a varied diet to support her during this time. Monitor her behavior closely to ensure she is healthy and not showing signs of distress.

How long does it take for a Texas spiny lizard to lay its eggs?

The Texas spiny lizard will lay eggs every four months each year. The lizard can lay the eggs in just a few minutes.

Does an adult lizard take care of her baby's?


What is an easy lizard to take care of?

a T rex

What kind of lizard is easy to take care of?


how to take care of tree frog and alligator turtle?


How does alligator demonstrate thoroughness?

because they take care of their babys well.

What is a good lizard to have?

anoles. because they are easy to take care of!

How long does it take for ornate tree lizard eggs to hatch?

Ornate tree lizard eggs typically hatch in about 60-90 days, with the exact timing influenced by factors such as temperature and humidity. The eggs are usually buried in soil or substrate by the female lizard to protect them until hatching.

What should you do if your alligator lizard has a prolapse?

Take it to a vet for treatment ! It may require an operation under general anaesthetic to repair the prolapse.

How do you take care of a lizard egg?

well to properly take care of it, you must not pop the air bubble that is on the top of it and you have to incubate it.