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After mating, it takes approximately 2 months for the eggs to be laid, and then another 2 months for the eggs to hatch.

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2 months

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Q: How long does a red eared slider stay in the egg?
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What do you do after the red eared slider egg hatches?

you should sepperet them

Will a male red eared slider eat a red eared slider turtle egg?

Yes, they will happily eat the eggs wether it was theirs or not.If you are breeding them it is best to leave the female with her eggs and put the male in a different enclosure.

Ok my red eared slider turtle that i rescued from the river in my backyard has laid 1 egg and my dad says that it needs a male turtle to furtalise the egg is that true and what to do with the egg?

the egg is already fertalized that's why she laid the egg

Black sack on tail of red eared slider?

depending if its a boy or a girl a girl would keep her egg sack in the bottom of her shell but if its a boy he may be carrying the egg sack for the girl but not positive

How many baby turtles can a mother turtle have?

A Red Ear Slider Turtle mama an have 10-13.

How do you know if a red slider turtle is pregnant?

Female red-eared slider turtles develop eggs inside their bodies rather than showing physical signs of pregnancy. The best way to determine if a red-eared slider turtle is gravid (carrying eggs) is through a veterinarian who can perform an X-ray or ultrasound to visualize the eggs inside the turtle.

How long does a flamingo stay with its egg?

Until the egg hatches.

How long does the egg stay in the hen?

17 days for an egg to hatch out

What happen if a red ear slider turtle egg stays in water?

It dont matter what kind of turtle is it...if they stay in the water; the turtle will not form and therefor it will not hatch.

How long do butterflies stay an egg?

8 months

How long does a dragonfly stay in its egg?

Three years.

Does a female red eared slider need a male to have babies?

A female red-eared slider will lay eggs regardless of whether or not there is a male turtle around. But unless a male turtle fertilizes these eggs, the eggs will not grow into baby turtles. They will be like the chicken eggs you buy from the supermarket -- which are also unfertilized and therefore unable to grow into baby chickens (chicks). A similar thing happens with humans. A woman's ovaries (egg sacs) release one egg cell into her uterus (womb) every month. But unless the egg is fertilized by a man's sperm, it will simply flush itself out at the end of the month, along with the protective cushioning of blood and tissue that the uterus builds for it. If a sperm cell does fertilize the egg, then a fetus (unborn baby) will begin to form.