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there are 4 or 5 kinds that fly

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Q: How many kinds of lizards can fly?
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How many kinds of lizards are there?

There are over 1000!

What animals eat butter fly?

Lizards snakes and many reptiles

How many kinds of animal can fly?

cats can not fly you moron..............................................................................................................

How many lizards are in the Amazon Rainforest?

There are 100 kinds of reptile in the amazon rainforest.

Food chain ant hawk lizard?

In practice it is more of a web than a chain, because there are many other kinds of animals and plants that would play roles, and there are many kinds of ants, lizards and hawks that do not eat each other. Still, loosely speaking, a few kinds of lizards frequently eat ants, and others, such as the horned lizards (Phrynosoma species) and the thorny devil (Moloch horridus) hardly eat anything else. Many kinds of ants will eat in turn eat s lizard in turn, if they find a dead or very small lizard. Some kinds of hawks will eat some kinds of lizards (though some, such as the snail kite, Rostrhamus sociabilis, do not). Some kinds of lizards, such as some large monitor lizards will eat any kind of hawk they can catch, and practically any other kind of bird too. Some other lizards eat carrion if they find any, and so they will eat dead hawks. So do many kinds of ants.And that does not even count the thousands of other species that play their parts.

How do lizards stay healthy?

they fly

What are all the 500 kinds of webkinz?

cats, wolves, foxes, lizards, fish, amphibians, and many many more

How many kinds of dragons are there?

Dragons dont exist. if you mean lizards, there's over 5600 species of lizard.

What kinds of insects eat plants?

The Venus Fly Trap captures small flying insects and crawling bugs.

Can water dragons live with any other kinds of lizards?


What is a camelion?

camel ions are kinds of lizards that blend into their informants

Difference between birds and reptiles?

birds have feathers lizards have scales birds are warm blooded lizards are cold blooded birds can fly lizards cant