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go straight to the hospital.

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Q: What should you do if a cobra spits venom in your eyes?
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What does a spitting cobra look like?

A red spitting cobra is an animal that's spits venom in to enemy eyes to blind them. But if the venom get on your skin it will not do any thing or if it gets in your mouth it still wont kill you spitting cobras is an awesome animal that is venomous and dangerous.

What animal spits in your eyes?

Spitting cobra, Horny Toads and Llamas.

Can you die from a cobra snake bite?

Cobra Snakes are deadly their bite can kill very quickly and if a spitting cobra "spits" venom at you and it gets in your eyes or in an open wound then you may die. Although Cobras dont actually spit venom they simply use a gland above their fangs to release a drop of venom to the tip of the fang, They then rapidly exhale creating a gust of air and spraying the drops of venom outwards. Sometimes at a distance of up to three feet.

How does spitting cobra use its spit to protect itself?

It aims its venomous spit at the attackers eyes partially or even permanently blinding them. If it misses the spit is usually enough warning for the attacker and it will probably leave it alone.

Can venom make you go blind if gets in your eyes?

it depends what venom it is like if its a cobra you will go blind

Is a spitting cobra prey or is it a predator?

It is a predator because it can spit venom a its preys eyes to protect it self

How does a King Cobra capture it's pray?

* A king cobra captures its prey by spitting venom a its preys eyes than attacking at the neck or eyes* Or it can sneak up on its prey and bite a vein on the side until the animal dies

Do animals use poisen to fight of predetors?

sure. Some toad's (frogs) sweat a poison that will even "kill" some animals, not to mention the Cobra, spits it's poison/venom into it's enemies eyes which blinds them and can kill also. Spiders, ants, even the normal Bee, has a poison or toxin in it's sting!

How do king cobras use venom?

It depends on the kind of snake. For a cobra a muscle surrounds their venom glands so that when the snake bites, the muscle presses on the glands which forces the venom down the fang and out the tip. I'd assume it's similar for all snakes.

Why do king cobras spit poison?

no way.. king cobra are the largest venomous snakes, they are specalised in preying on other snakes and are immune to the other snakes' venom. In addition to that all snakes have a transparent cover on their eyes so the spitter's venom wont blind the king cobra. in a battle b/w a king cobra and and the spitting cobra, king cobra will easily kill and devour the spitter...

What does the king cobra teeth's have?

Not teeth fangs and it's got 2 that r filled with venom that they spit at ur eyes to blind u or bite u and eat

How much poison does a cobra have?

Highly toxic. It's normal purpose is to be injected via the fangs into prey animals such as rodents. In defence, the venom is aimed at the eyes of potential attackers to enable the snake to escape.