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One can find a ski boot dryer on the website of the online retailer Amazon. Sometimes they can also be found for sale either new or second hand on the auction website eBay.

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Q: Where can one get a ski boot dryer?
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What holds a ski boot to a ski?


How wide are Head ski boots?

The HEAD AdaptEdge Ski Boot is quite unique. It allows you to change the width of your boot from 104mm to 102mm with one turn of a screw.

What size ski boot is a 330?

A ski boot size 330 is about a US size 10.5-11.

What is the shoe that need to ski resort?

It is not a shoe. It is a ski boot.

What type of ski boot should you buy?

A cross country skiing boot. Along with the ski's amd poles that match.

Where can one find good deals on ski boot warmers?

There are various brands of ski boot warmers that are worth considering. Hotronics and Lockwoods are good makes. They can both be purchased online through Amazon.

Are a ski boot bag and skis considered one piece of luggage?

No two separate

How do you tell what ski bindings you wear if i wear a size 11.5 ski boot?

Downhill bindings are adjustable for different size boots. Cross-country bindings only lock into the toe of the boot, so one binding works with any compatible boot.

Where can one purchase ski boot bags?

Ski boot bags can be purchased at many sporting equipment stores. Some of these include SportChek and Sports Authority. There are also numerous styles available for purchase at Amazon and eBay.

What does last mean in ski boot?

The "last" is the width of the forefoot of the ski boot. Generally a 98mm is narrow, 102mm is medium and anything over is wide or high volume

How do you get a boot out of a ski?

Usually, to remove the boot from the ski, there is a lever behind the heel. When putting on the ski, it is pushed down, but it clicks upwards when the ski is attached. Thus, to remove it, push down firmly on the lever until it is in the downward position while slightly lifting your foot.

How do you replace a worn heal pad on a ski boot?

Take your boots to a ski/boot shop that sells the same brand. They can replace the heel piece, or at least order a replacement for you.