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What is a place to store money or other valuables

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Q: What is a large place store money or other valuables?
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In Greek cluture why were temples built?

They were built to house statues of the gods. The were also used as places of refuge and a protected place to stash money and other valuables.

Name a place in the car where people hide their valuables?

glove compartment

What is a word that means place to put valuables and also means to jump over?


Why did highwaymen threaten people?

Highwaymen threatened people in order to steal their money, valuables, and other belongings. They would ambush travelers on lonely roads with the intention of robbing them of their possessions. Highway robbery was a common crime in the past when travel was more dangerous and there were fewer law enforcement measures in place.

Its draft excluded those who owned large numbers of slaves?

Slaves were property. Property=money. Money allowed draft dodgers to legally pay some other man to take his place during the US Civil War.

I am going to camp soon and I am not going to bring a purse. My shorts don't have pockets so i have nowhere to put my valuables. any suggestions?

Since you are going to camp, it is a good idea to bring a bag, purse, or anything else of that sort with you. If you can not do that, try to bring shorts with pockets. Anyways, be careful with the valuables, camp isn't the bast place for valuables!

What is the answer to 'What is a place in the car where people hide their valuables' on Family Feud?

Family Feud:Glove boxunder the seattrunkFamily Feud Answers:glove boxunder the seatstrunk

Which valuable items should be stored in a home safe?

With the rise in theft, robbery, fire outbreaks, and other unfortunate incidents, people have started investing heavily in safe and vaults to store their valuable items. In case of any emergency, people first protect their dear ones and then, try to safeguard their valuables. The main advantage of having a safe is that it has all the valuables in one place. So, you need not try locating them during an emergency. Secondly, they are fireproof. Hence, you need not worry about any damage to your valuables in case a fire breaks out. In this article, we’ll walk you through the list of valuables you can store in your home safe along with what to do if your safe is faulty.

If someone finds a large sum of money where should that person turn it in?

A person finding a large sum of money should hand it in to their local police station as soon as possible.The money may well be stolen anyway so that,s the best place for it.

Where is a good place to hide your money?

If you mean where should you keep your money safe, then always put it in the bank.Otherwise, it ultimately depends what you own. To narrow it down, do not put any valuables (including money) in the bedroom. Burglars are aware that most inept people will place anything worth stealing in the bedroom.If possible, a secret compartment (i.e. behind a painting, a rug that moves to reveal a safe, etc.) is always the best option. If nothing else, buy a safe.

Another word for vault?

* catacombs * room * space * chamber * crypt * grave * mausoleum * tomb * sepulcher * safe (as in a place to store valuables).

A large amount of liquid money or people being transferred from one place to another?

It sounds like you are describing a significant movement of assets or personnel, possibly involving a large sum of money being transferred between accounts or a large group of people relocating from one location to another.