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Q: How many times in a lifetime people do repetitive things?
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What does a person do 15000 times in their lifetime?

People be SICK 15000 in a lifetime

How many times do people promise things in a lifetime?

Most probably promise something daily, but don't remember it when they do.

Is repetitive an antonym for the word consecutive?

No, they're about different things. Repetitive means something is the same, time after time, with no variation. That's how people get repetitive stress syndrome. Consecutive means things are one after the other, without anything else intervening. They can be different things, like consecutive numbers, for example. They're not the same, so they're not repetitive. And something can be repetitive without being consecutive. Consider a 2-year-old who has a favorite word. If he uses it 20 times in an hour, that's repetitive, but he might say a few other things in between, so it's not consecutive.

What do you do in a car 30000 times in a lifetime?

You blink over a million times in a lifetime so it is Blinking.

How many times does your heartbeat in your lifetime?

During an average lifetime: over 2.5 billion times.

How many times lifetime most drivers will be involved in a serious crash where people are injured or killed?


How times do people die in their lifetime?

Once. Once you die, you do not come back to life for another go at it.

What you called if you used one word so many times in a song?


How many times does a person write their name in their lifetime?

The number of times a person writes their name in their lifetime can vary greatly depending on the person. It is estimated that a person may write their names thousands of times during their lifetime.

How many times does elephant breed in a lifetime?

Five times Five times

What do you do 15000 times a lifetime?

Look in the mirror

How many times in your lifetime do you swallow?

The average human being swallows aproximitely 333 million times in their lifetime. This is about every six seconds.Answer12345678910

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