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According to the CDC in 2006, Last up to date numbers, 30,896 total, of which, 642 accidental, 16,883 were Suicide, 12,791 were Homicide, 220 were Undetermined and 360 by Legal intervention.

In the same year, 43,664 were killed in Motor vehicle accidents, 37,286 died from poisoning, 20,823 died from unintention falls. In 2005 CDC reported 652,091 people died from Heart disease, 559,312 from cancer and 143,579 from stroke.

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Q: In America how many deaths are caused by guns annually?
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How many deaths were caused by guns in 2012?

Too Many !

How many American deaths were caused by guns in 2012?

Too Many !

How many deaths from assault weapons annually in the us?

66.9% of all homicide are gun related deaths. There were 53,000 deliberate deaths by guns. A congressional report shows 310 million guns. This does not include military weapons used on bases.

How many deaths are caused by guns every day in the us?

More than $1 M

What was the kill rate of guns for last year?

According to the CDC 11,346 deaths were caused by guns, another 477,040 were gang related use of guns, and 80% of the violence involved guns in some way.

Are gun makers morally responsible of deaths caused by the use of their guns?

No, A gun does not act on its own- it requires a human being.

How many gun related deaths occur each year?

There are thousands of deaths each year in America sue to a gun related incident. An estimated number of 20 percent of deaths are related to guns.

Are gun makers morally responsible for the death caused by the use of those guns?

No more than the maker of a car being morally responsible for deaths caused by drunk drivers.

In America how many people are killed due to crimes related to weapons such as knives and guns?

There is not a definite amount of deaths in a America but the Center for disease control reported 20695 deaths just from gun violence in the year 2005 alone.

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The death total from WWI was estematied to be around 8,528,831 machineguns were about 20%

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