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Ask any classification society about any survey inspection they have carried out or contact Association of Accredited marine surveyors or International Institute of marine surveyor.

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Q: Where you can get free samples of cargo damage survey reports?
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Functions of cargo surveyors?

there are four functions of cargo surveyor these are 1. they survey cargo hold condition (surveyor checks for dents and damages on the hold then report it to chief officer and the OOW.. that is the time where the team will rectify faults that has been checked or noticed by the surveyor) 2. On and OFF hire survey (the difference between the two is that on hire survey is the survey done by a surveyor to check for damages and condition of the ship while it is on hire by a chartere while the off hire survey is the survey done when the contract of charterer is over. it is the survey done to prepare the ship for the next charterer. 3. Draft Survey (is a survey done to calculate displacements of ship "volume" on arrival and departure.. cargo loaded or discharged can be determined. 4. Cargo condition survey (speaks about conditions of cargo after loading and before discharging for insurance purposes) cargo surveyor is the of a charterer (the one who rents the ship)of the ship. thats for our exam.. this week

What is Cargo ship safety construction certificate?

A certificate called a Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate shall be issued after survey to a cargo ship of 500 gross tonnage and over which satisfies the requirements for cargo ships on survey, set out in regulation I/10 of SOLAS 1974, and complies with the applicable requirements of chapters II-1 and II-2, other than those relating to fire-extinguishing appliances and fire-control plans.

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Depending on what Country you work in it could mean 1 of two things.A shifting cargo means that the cargo is or has moved while the vehicle is in motion. This can cause damage or even an accident or crash.In some places Shifting means to move or relocate as in: Shift that Cargo to the warehouse.

How do you calculate stowage factors for grain?

1-Make full your cargo holds. 2-Do draft survey as exactly. 3-divide your weight to your m3 capacity.

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Cargo is any commodity that earns freight and charter hire to ship. Transporting cargo is ship's business. Can any ship carry any cargo? NO. Ship must be suitable and fit enough to carry any particular cargo. This ability of ship is the cargoworthiness. 4 segments in carriage by ship: load the cargo, stow the cargo, preserve the cargo condition and no damage/harm to ship till handing over to receiving port, unload the cargo. Ship's ability to meet the rigors of each of these segments must be demonstrated before cargo is given to a ship. Thus the cargoworthiness of the ship will be established.

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General liability refers to products completion and labor, while cargo is specific to transportation, such as hauling equipment or goods. The cargo insurance would kick in if there was damage to the goods in transit. General liability would cover goods in your warehouse or on the docks.

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On a dry cargo ship, the cargo goes in the cargo hold. On a tanker, the cargo goes into the cargo tank.

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