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How many people die from cave diving accidents each year compared to skydiving accidents each year? I'd like to know which is more safe... statistically speaking.

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Q: How many deep sea divers die every year?
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Virtually zero. The reason I say virtually is that: * The actual number of divers being attacked by shark much less getting killed is so low as to be statistically insignificant and... * Of the few that do, some don't practive even the most basic safety (consider Valerie Taylor, who made a chain-mail suit, created a feeding frenzy, and jumped into the middle to see if the suit prevented shark attack (and it did -- she wasn't killed -- only a slight nick). Basic rules of safety are: * Don't look like a fish in trouble. That's what shark eat. Don't look like food. Don't flop around -- swim purposefully and smoothly. * Don't smell like a fish in trouble. While shark probably don't react much at all to the scent of human blood, they do detect fish blood very well -- that's their prey. Clean off fish blood and don't tow bleeding strings of fish in dangerous waters. * If you are approached aggressively by a shark, back away smoothly. Shark are territorial in some cases. Get out of range. How will you know if the shark is being aggressive? You'll KNOW. If you aren't sure, act respectfully, keep a distance, and don't act like sharkbait. [[User:Cjonb|Cjonb]] 23:49, 2 Jun 2008 (UTC)

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