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wrexham town centre = 42,500 population

wrexham rural area = 130,00 population

wrexham total population = 172,500 population

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Q: How many people live in Wrexham?
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How many miles from Liverpool to wrexham?

From Liverpool To Wrexham It Is About 40 Miles.I think

How many rainy days are there in wrexham?

A lot.

When was RAF Wrexham created?

RAF Wrexham was created in 1917.

When did RAF Wrexham end?

RAF Wrexham ended in 1959.

When was Wrexham Lager created?

Wrexham Lager was created in 1881.

When did Wrexham Lager end?

Wrexham Lager ended in 2000.

When was Wrexham Cathedral created?

Wrexham Cathedral was created in 1857.

When was Wrexham F.C. created?

Wrexham F.C. was created in 1872.

How far is Bolton from Wrexham?

Bolton to Wrexham is 58.6 miles.

Are there any fitness centers local to Wrexham?

There are several fitness centers local to Wrexham. For instance, you could try DW Sports Fitness Centre, Wrexham Fitness Studio, or the Wrexham Health Club.

When was Yale College Wrexham created?

Yale College Wrexham was created in 1950.

What affects did the Reformation have on wrexham?

it affected it by closing down all the church's in the wrexham area