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74 delegates plus 18 super delegates democratic.

40 delegates republican

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Wisconsin has 84 superdelegates.

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Q: How many super delegates does Wisconsin have?
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How many electoral college delegates are there for Oregon?

The answer is 65. They have 52 regular delegates and 13 super delegates.

How many delegates will each state contribute on super Tuesday?

I believe around 2,105 delegates are at stake in total.

How many votes does a super delegate have?

Only one...they are only called super delegates because they are famous (actors, politicians etc.)...the fact that they are called "Super Delegates" in no way denotes that they are more intelligent, qualified or otherwise significant.

How many of the 4049 Democrat delegates are super delegates?

I found this link about superdelegates. I hope this is helpful

How many times have the Wisconsin packers gone to super bowl?


What state passed the first law providing for the popular election of delegates to the national convention?

west Virginia

What are superdelagates?

At the time of the DNC Convention, each candidate will have had the opportunity to win as many delegates as are practical. All committed delegates are supposedly required to vote for their candidate on the first ballot. If there is no victor, they move to a second ballot. Everybody is allowed to switch. At the time of the voting, the super delegates come into play. They are the party loyalists who are selected by the politically powerful within the Democrat Party. For example, every Democrat in each house is a super delegate. The votes of the committed delegates are clear, prior to the voting. In the Democrat Party, the committed delegates can change their mind prior to the first ballot. The super delegates have votes that are not tied to the elected delegates. The super delegates are required to vote as they are told or face party discipline. These super delegates have votes that are above and beyond the numbers tallied by the contestants. That is, they are 'ADDED TO the totals already there.' It is because of these super delegates one can surmise the standard bearer will be the distaff candidate. Source:

Which state passed the first law providing for popular election of delegates to the national convention?


How many delegates are in the house of delegates?

There are 100 delegates in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Where can you find a list of the number of delegates each state has in the presidential primaries?

State delegates are three per congressional district. This does not include so-called "super delegates"

What was the DNC ruling in Florida?

The most notable DNC ruling in Florida history has concerned delegates. The DNC ruled they will pledge 185 delegates and 26 super delegates.

How many delegates are there in the Virginia house of delegates?

100 delegates