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I'm guessing a capital H

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Yes, the abbreviation for Hispanic is "Hisp." or "Hisp." when used in a shortened form.

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Q: Is there an abbreviation for hispanic?
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What is a white hispanic?

A White Hispanic, also known as a White Latino, is an American resident of both European and Hispanic descent. A white Hispanic is an individual who has both caucasian and hispanic descents.

What are the top hispanic scholarships in the US?

Hispanic Scholarship Fund and The National Hispanic Recognition Program are the two top Hispanic scholarships in the US.

Is Dania Ramirez hispanic?

yes she is hispanic

What does hispanic day celebrate?

hispanic heritage

Is Laura marano hispanic?

No she is not Hispanic she is is Italian .

Is mike vitar hispanic?

Yes he is.

Is Roberto clemente hispanic?

Of course he's Hispanic. He was the first Hispanic to ever play baseball.

Who was the first Hispanic on the moon?

Though there have been Hispanic astronauts, there has never been a Hispanic on the Moon.

Who Is Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrated For?

Hispanic Heritage Month is cccelebrated for all of the hispanic race.

How do you say hispanic in french?

hispanic is spelled "hispanique" in French.

Is vannesa hudgens hispanic?

She is part Hispanic! She is mixed.

Is julio Jones hispanic?

yes julio is hispanic