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The agent of socialization is anything that affects an individual and the society at large. Some common agents of socialization include parents, culture education, religion and so much more.

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Some of the agents of socialization include school, workplace, church and any form of regular gatherings. These are used as platforms through which people socialize.

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Agents of socialization are institutions and groups wich influence out behavior.

Eg. school, mass media, religion, peer groups

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Q: List and describe the agent of socialization?
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How is marriage an agent of socialization?

Marriage is an agent of socialization. It perpetuates the main socialization tool, which is the family. Families are where people first learn what is expected of them socially.

What is the most important agent of socialization?

Family is the most important agent

What is the single most important agent in political socialization of new generations?

School (education) is the single most important agent in political socialization of new generations.

Role of mass media as an agent of socialization?


What is the difference between agents and agencies of socialization?

the agent of socialization are the people who socialize while agencies of socialization are the place where socialization take place

How is internet an agent of socialization?

= "How is internet an agent of socialization?" = Because many people around the world are on at one time and they can talk to each other through IMing and other things

Difference between agencies of socialization n agents of socialization?

agencies of socialisation it is the place how practises the agent of socialisation his works

Define school as a social institution?

School is a social institution because it is a socialization agent. A socialization agent is an institution that plays a role in assimilating the younger people into the structure of a specific society.

How would one describe Elizabethan socialization?

With cupcakes.

How peer act as agent of socialization?

A peer group that have various things in common including age, social positions, or interests have an influence of the socialization of the members of the group. They can act as an agent of socialization by teaching gender roles supporting each other, and providing a different perspective.

What is pre-conditions of socialization?

list and discuss three precondition of socialization

Workplace as agent of socialization?

Work is considered to be an agent of socialization. People are able to meet at workplace and socialization is promoted between the various individuals in a particular work station.