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The people who appear in plain-folks advertisements are dressed in such a way as to make them look like the target audience.

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2015-01-14 19:13:05
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2023-03-21 01:25:44
Regular people
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the target audience


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Q: The people who appear in plain-folks advertisements are dressed in such a way as to make them look like?
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The main characters who appear in plain-folks advertisements are?

regular people

How do I get a business to appear high on the google web page?

To get a business to appear high on the web page, one must have many different terms that relate to what people search for. Additionally, one can pay to have it appear in the advertisements.

What is the world record for most people dressed as Simpsons characters in one place?

Your question cannot be answered as there does not appear to be a standing world record of this happening.

What exactly are job advertisements?

Job advertisements are the advertisements run on websites or in newspapers, or even posted in windows, when a business has a job vacancy. These advertisements exist to let people know that there is a job for which they can apply.

When do people get dressed?

People get dressed when they need to go out because they cant be botherd to do so in the morning!!! :# :0 :) :( :@

Bad effects of advertisements?

Bad effects of advertisements are over consumption which leads to overuse of resources and pollution of all kinds. Advertisements can induce people to spend their money excessively or unwisely. Advertisements can be misleading, leading people to believe in or depend on ineffective or unnecessary products.

Does advertisements really affect on people?

no they don't

How do you use classified advertisements?

Classified advertisements sell products and services. They are also a way to hire people to work for you.

Which of the following was a common tactic of advertisements in the 1920s?

Advertisements showed a higher standard of living to which people could aspire.

How were the people in the Boston tea party dressed like?

They dressed up like Indians.

Why do advertisements use catchy phrases?

Advertisements use catchy phrases so people can remember it and to make it more attractive so more people will buy it.

Do we listen to advertisements?

Some people do and some dont.

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