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What controls the factors of production in a socialist economy

Which of these is not considered strictly a service

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The three levels are perception, aspects that are below the conscious levels, and patterns of behavior. Each of these can be used to help learn about a society.

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Q: What are the three levels of cultural complexity that sociologists use to study different cultures?
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In recent years cultures have become more similar to each other as a result of travel and communication sociologists use the term?

Sociologists use the term Cultural Leveling when cultures have become more similar to each other as a result of travel and communication.

What did the beating of Charles Sumner show about the north and the south?

They had different cultures.

What is cultural makeup?

Cultural Makeup is the type of makeup that is worn by women in different cultures.

Cultural integration refers to the fact that?

Cultural integration refers to the fact that people from different cultures are able to interact. There is an exchange of good, services, skills and ideals from the different cultures.

What does the term cultural diversity refer?

A variety of different cultures

Are satellite channels creating cultural erosion?

Yes, they are exposing people of different cultures to other cultures.

Cultural convergence is different from cultural divergence in that it?

Answer this question… causes cultures to become more similar to each other.

How does cultural diversity arise in society?

cultural diversity arises in society through the different kind of food u can eat from each culture and be in a class with people who are from different cultures. also through traditions different cultures have.

What is cultural mix?

Cultural mix is the process of different cultures living together. Cultural mix is good for businesses because it fuels innovation.

What is cultural convergence-?

Cultural convergence is a term for theories of cultural evoution and social evolution , describing how societies and cultures changed over time

Why did civilizations develop different cultures?

which of the following cultural development of the gupta civilization

When is a cultural misunderstanding most likely to occur?

When people from different cultures interact

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