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The process of learning behaviors and values that are socially acceptable

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Secondary socialization begins when a child is about 5 and has just started school where they can make new friends and they have many influences that are the opposite of primary socialization.

It is also formal socialization done by people that are setting out to make us learn the norms of society. Its done by agency's of socialization such as the Media, government and the education system etc.

Educational institutions plays a very important role in secondary socialization. In fact Parsons suggested the schools often bridge the gap between primary and secondary socialization. During primary socialization the child learns the particular values of their family circle, but at school the children are exposed to the values of the community and universal values and they begin to form relationship with non-family members.

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Q: What is Secondary Socialization?
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What are the stages in socailization?

The stages in socialization are: 1) Primary Socialization 2) Secondary Socialization 3) Anticipatory Socialization

What are types of socialiozation?

The Types of socialization are primary socialization, secondary socialization, development socialization, anticipatory socialization and resocialization. These are all anxiety disorders.

Where does secondary socialization occur?

in institutions

Where does secondary socialization take place?

In institutions! -apex<3

What is the difference between primary and secondary socialization?

Adge is da rassclart boss !

The process of learning socially acceptable behaviors beliefs and values is called?

Secondary socialization

What is primary socialisation?

Primary socialization is the early years (up to the age of 5 or 6) of our socialization; involving nursery, friends we make at daycares/school, and things we learn. In this time we also need close proximity and intimacy with our parents, as it shapes our future relationships. In developmental psychology this is referred to as the "internal working model." It is believed that during our primary socialization, we learn faster and easier than as we get older; this has been supported by a case study of a 5-year-old child learning six languages successfully and simultaneously, which is highly unlikely to occur during our secondary socialization. Primary and secondary socialization are different because during our primary socialization we learn faster and we learn more, we form our first attachment bonds, and we learn how to live in our culture: values, norms, morals, etc. Whereas during secondary socialization we don't learn as quickly and attachment bonds are usually only formed based on the ones made during primary socialization. During our secondary socialization, re-socialization and anticipatory socialization also occur.

Which term describes the process by which people learn acceptable social behaviors and values?

secondary socialization

What is secondary socilization?

secondary socialization is socialization by the school.schools obviously teach us academic skills but as sociologists have shown,they are teaching us alot is from the school that we learn ,for example,punctuality,co-operation,team work,discipline and good work will be rewarded or penalized

Which is an example of an institution where secondary socialization takes place?

an organization with a specific purpose ~mshs seniors 2013

The process of learning socially acceptable behaviors beliefs and values is called f privilege?

Secondary socialization

Which is an example of an institution where secondary socialization takes places?

an organization with a specific purpose ~mshs seniors 2013

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