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The difference between a custom and a folkway is that a custom is more formal. A custom is something that is expected. A folkway may be common, but it is not something that one feels is expected or mandatory.

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Q: What is the difference between custom and folkway?
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What is folkway?

A folkway is a simple everyday norm based on custom, tradition, or etiquette. Violations of folkways cause people to think that the violator is odd.

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What is the difference between custom and non custom clarinets?

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What is thte difference between custom software and off-the-shelf software?

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What are the examples of folkway norm?

A folkway norm is a norm that is generally practiced aspect of a culture, but isn't strictly enforced by law or custom. This includes things like wedding ceremonies, fashion, etiquette rules, etc.

What is the meaning of the word folkway?

It means:A practice,custom, orbelief shared by the members of a group as part of their common culture.Often used in the plural.

Is language a folkway?

Whether or not language is a folkway depends on how language is being used. A folkway is a behavior that does not have legal sanctions in society but is usually considered poor manners. Cursing may be an example of language as a folkway.

What is a common reward for a folkway?

A common reward for a folkway is social acceptance. A folkway is the normal behavior people follow because of tradition or convenience.

Whats the difference between a folkway norm violation and other norms violation?

A folkway norm violations are violations of routine or casual interaction such as wearing an odd outfit of saying random things. folkways are the norms that do not hold significant moral value. Mores are norms that do have great moral significance, such as laws.

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What is the difference between custom and habit?

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