What people live in America?

Updated: 8/22/2023
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For the most part, Americans live in homes either owned, rented or leased. These homes can consist of anything from a small loft in a busy metropolitan area to a mansion on many hundreds of acres of land and everything in between. There are also a small percentage of Americans that do not have the benefit of a home (homeless) that live on the streets. Still others live in trailer parks, tents, log cabins, igloos and teepees. A lot depends on the locale and the persons financial situation.If you don't go to college u'll end up a hobo. GO TO COLLEGE AND GET A EDUCATION!!!!

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The original inhabitants are Native Americans. The modern dominant inhabitants are Americans (people from mixed European ancestral backgrounds, mostly British but also including French, Spanish, Dutch and so on).

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Q: What people live in America?
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