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When you know you can call for help and they help. When you go to work everyday-no excuses. Etc

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2022-06-10 10:51:21
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Q: Which is an example of reliability?
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What is an example of reliability?

Reliability is nothing but the trust that a person has on the other such that you can help that person when required and be helped when need..:-):-).....................

What does reliability mean in terms of audit evidence Give an Example?

It's the ability of an auditor to give a comprehensive, logical and convincing audit report. A good example of where reliability applies is in cases where there is change in files and backup files are unavailable.

An example of a trade off between reliability and relevance?

Information such as the the value of the intellect of employee's may be considered relevant, but the reliability of this information is very low as it is difficult to determine a measurement for intellect.

How do you measure reliability?

Reliability is not measured. Reliability is an estimation, typically probablistic.

What is an example of relibility?

There is no such word as 'relibility'. -Possibly you may mean 'reliability' which is being a person who is steady and reliable.

Can you give me an example of reliability?

if you asked someone for a pound, and they said, give me it back tomorrow and you did that would be reliable.

What is an example of two language design criteria that are in direct conflict with each other?

Reliability and cost of execution

What is an example of item to item reliability?

Two pennies stamped from the national mint, indistinguishable from each other.

What are three characteristics of network reliability?

Redundant hardware provides enhanced reliability. Fault tolerance is a measure of reliability. The longer the MTBF, the greater the reliability.

Reliability of accounts statement without preparing cash flow statement and without knowing principle of accountancy?

relevance reliability understandability relevance reliability understandability relevance reliability understandability relevance reliability understandability

What is reliability of nature of computer?

what is reliability of nature computer

How do you put reliability in a sentence?

The reliability of this vehicle is in question.

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