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Yes, Norm Thompson does sell plus size clothing. They specialize in women's wear. They have skirts, dresses, pants, shirts, etc. They are a very popular, established company that many women purchase from.

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Q: Does Norm Thompson sell plus size clothing?
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Why doesn't Hollister sell plus size clothing?

They do not have a lare demand for plus size clothing. Hollister does not specialize in clothing for plus sizes.

What stores sell cute clothing in plus sizes?

Forever 21 sells cute and affordable clothing in plus size. Department stores also sell plus size clothing. These stores include Dillards and JcPenny.

Does delia's sell plus size clothing in stores?


What stores sell name brand plus size clothing in Canada?

big boy clothing

Which stores in Seattle, WA sell plus size clothing?

Avenue Plus Size Clothing Store in Carkeek Plaza sells plus-sized clothing for women. Catherines Plus Sizes at 17580 Southcenter Parkway in Seattle also sells this type of clothing.

Where can one purchase Catherines plus sized clothing online?

One can purchase Catherines plus sized clothing from many different stores and retailers. Some examples that sell this clothing include Catherines and OneStopPlus.

Does Stein Mart sell plus sizes in their women's career clothing department?

yes they do.

What stores sell cute plus sized clothing?

Sites such as Forever 21, Modcloth, Torrid and Mod Deals all offer a nice selection of fashionable plus sized clothing. There is a wide range of attractive plus sized clothing available now.

Which stores sell only plus size womens clothing?

There are many choices for plus size women's clothing that feature smaller sizes as well. A few that only sell plus sizes are Dream Diva, Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Elvi, Evans, and Ann Harvey.

What other stores besides Fashion Bug sell cute womens plus size clothing?

JC Penny and Sears both offer plus sized clothing for women. Prices vary based on the type of clothing.

What are some Long Island stores with plus size women's clothing?

There are many clothing stores in Long Island that sell plus size women's clothing, you can try Macy's. You can contact them at (631) 724-4900 for more information.

What are some of the best stores known for selling women plus size clothing?

The best stores known for selling women plus size clothing according to the Huffington Post are ASOS Curve or Saks. There are few brick and mortar stores that sell plus size clothing.