Was Dan Akroyd in stripes

Updated: 9/14/2023
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That's what I want to know too. The commie guard dealing with most of the platoon shortly after they got captured looks at least strikingly similar to Dan Akroyd.

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Q: Was Dan Akroyd in stripes
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What was Dan Akroyd's best movie?


Who played beldar in coneheads?

Dan Akroyd

Who plays Beldar in the movie Coneheads?

Dan Akroyd

Who played Dan Akroyd's wife in The Great Outdoors?

Annette Benning

What actor plays frank reardon in the kayak commercial?

Dan Akroyd

What is Dan Akroyd famous for?

Dan Akroyd is most well known for being a comedian and actor. He first became famous as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Later he starred in movies such as The Blues Brothers and Ghostbusters.

What is the relationship between John Candy and dan akroyd in The Great Outdoors?

They are brother-in-laws.

Who was not one of the ''Three Amigos'' in the 1986 comedy?

Martin Short

Who is voicing the Hanna barbera character of Yogi Bear in the film Yogi Bear?

Dan Akroyd

2 famous Canadian actor or actress?

Dan Akroyd John Candy Neve Campbell

Which Ghostbusters star was in Indiana Jones?

Dan Akroyd has a cameo in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984).

Who were the Saturday night live aliens The heads?

The Cone heads were portrayed by Dan Akroyd & Jane Curtain.