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Is the party good?

  • esta=he/she/it is
  • bueno=good
  • el=the
  • partido=game
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Q: What does está bueno el partido mean?
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What does todo el partido mean in English?

The whole game

What does te vemos en el partido mean?

"We'll see you at the game."

What does 'El colegio en Texas muy bueno' mean?

El colegio en Texas muy bueno means "the very good school in Texas".

What does bueno para el corazon mean in English?

good for the heart.

What does this sentence mean in English El Vuelo fue bueno?

The flight was good

Verboletos para ver el partido de el salvador contra Ecuador?

hola con todos quiero ber el partido de Ecuador contra el salvador ok gracias

quiero ver el partido entre River Plate - Chacarita desde Buenos Aires, Argentina?

ver el partido de River PLATE - chacarita

What does lista para el partido mean?

Literally, "ready for the party", but in this sense "partido" would be a political party, not a festive gathering. If you want to say "I'm ready for the party", it is "listo para la fiesta".

What actors and actresses appeared in El Hombre Bueno - 2009?

The cast of El Hombre Bueno - 2009 includes: Benjamin Kearney as El Hombre Tom Neunzerling as El Hermano

What is Alonso de Guzmán El Bueno's birthday?

Alonso de Guzmán El Bueno was born on September 10, 1550.

When was Alonso de Guzmán El Bueno born?

Alonso de Guzmán El Bueno was born on September 10, 1550.

How do you say the pudding was good in Spanish?

"Que bueno estuvo el pudding!" o "Que bueno estuvo el manjar!"