What does gutless mean?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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to not have guts

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Q: What does gutless mean?
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Is they are gutless an example of a hyperbole?


Are tapeworms gutless?

Yes, Tapeworms are gutless due to the fact that tapeworms don't require a digestive system as they reside within the digestive system of humans or animals.

What does woodless mean in English slang?

When referring to men, it means sexually impotent. Used in a more general way, it just means powerless or gutless or ineffectual.

What are the release dates for Evil Con Carne - 2003 Gutless Day of the Dreadbots League of Destruction 1-3?

Evil Con Carne - 2003 Gutless Day of the Dreadbots League of Destruction 1-3 was released on: USA: 11 July 2003

Who blames others?

Gutless , immature people. Grown , honest people take responsibilty for their own words or actions.

What are synonyms of the word craven?

Synonyms for "craven" include: * coward * fearful * lily-livered * gutless * unmanly * chicken

How much power does a ford super duty have?

1, mabey 2 h.p. in a gutless ford 2,I pick my bum

Hey i just bought a kx 80 and it wont seem to hit power band it is gutless. what shall i do?

got same problem

Who intended to limit the president's power?

The Founding Fathers intended to limit the President's power, but they never envisioned the gutless wonders the legislature has become.

Can you give me the similie for coward?

There are several diffrent similes. Weakling, sneak, sissy, pantywaist, namby-pamby, gutless, cur, craven, and chicken. I hope that this helps!!

What is the antonym of courageous?

fearful, scared, "chicken", cowardly, spineless, gutless, "lily-livered", dastardly, and pusillanimous

What car has 90 horsepower?

lol, 1990's Honda civic, gutless little four-banger but they are reliable and get good mileage, but my 1978 2 cylinder snowmobile has more power