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Q: What does indirect competitior mean?
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Who is Saab cars nearest competitior?


What does indirect mean in a sentence?

Indirect means not direct. We got there by indirect means. The author used indirect characterization.

What does indirect mean?

Indirect means diverging from a straight line/path, not going straight to the point,the opposite of direct. It is used to mean a roundabout or covert method of action, in terms such as indirect taxes, indirect characterization, or indirect criticism.

Who is Tyson Foods's main competitior in the poultry industry?

Pilgrim's Pride Corp

Is Home Depot a competitior to target?

In some areas. They sell a lot of the same things.

What does indirect marketing mean?

indirect marketing mean The products and services are sold through third part distributors (versus direct marketing).

What does indirect theme mean?

a theme that is not direct

Which is the competitior of hunting plc?

Petrofac Ltd, Schlumberger Limited (SLB)Weir Group PLC (WEIR.L)

Does 'lui' mean 'her' in French?

Yes. The personal pronoun 'lui' may mean 'he, him' in its role for emphasis in a sentence. It also may mean 'to him, to her, to it' in its role as the indirect object of the verb of the sentence.

What is mean of distinguish the indirect object from the direct object?

This is how you can distinguish/recognize the indirect object from the direct object.The indirect object always goes before the direct object. (direct object is bold / indirect subject is italics)I gave Jim the book.The indirect object can be changed into a phrase beginning with to.I gave the book to Jim

Does inverse and indirect variation mean the same thing?

Y=k/x where k is the constant of proportionality is an example of indirect or inverse variation. They are the same thing.

What does periphrasis mean?

1·· a style that involves indirect ways of expressing things.