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henry morgans flag ship is to warn other prey

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Q: What does the flag symbolize to Henry?
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What are the things that the flag of the US symbolize?

it symbolize the states

What does a moon and star symbolize?

A moon and a star symbolize the Pakistani flag.

What does are flag symbolize today?


What do the stars on the flag symbolize?

each state

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What do the stripes symbolize on the flag?

The 13 colonies

How many stripes does the US flag have and what does it symbolize?

The u.s. flag has 13 stripes - which symbolize the original 13 states, which were subsequently fragmented into the current 52.

What was the flag created for?

the flag was created to symbolize the country or state in their talent,strengh or culture

Why did new zealand need a flag?

to symbolize their country.

What do your flag's stripes represent?

It is not known what the colors symbolize.

What does the orange symbolize on India's flag?

courage and sacrifice

What do the symbols on the US flag symbolize?

The number of states.