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Q: What does the term jerry arrtick mean?
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When will Jerry Brown term will end?


When will Jerry Brown's term end?


Where was Jerry Spinell born?

I think you mean Jerry Spinelli

Can Jerry Brown run for a fourth term in California?


What doesditto mean?

it can be used to mean 'same'. for example: jerry: How are you? Jim: good. you? jerry: Ditto. however it cannot replace same. for example. Jerry: today is the ditto as yesterday. (this is an ill-formed sentence)

Why was Arnold Schwarzenegger replace by Jerry Brown?

Because Jerry Brown was elected by the people of California to replace Arnold as governor when his term as governor ended.

What is the name Jerry mean?

It means that it is a name. Think.

What is the mathamatical term for mean?

The mathematical term for "mean" is "mean".The popular, or colloquial term for "mean" is "average".

What is the origin of Jerry rig?

The expression started during WWII for equipment patched together with German equipment. Jerry was American military slang for Germans. Answer The expression "jerry-rig(ged)" is a probable US corruption of a much older term from the days of sail, "jury rig(ged)" which meant the same thing, namely fixing something so one can get home, a makeshift repair, for instance a ship is dismasted, a replacement mast is rigged from a spare spar, a boom, the remains of the broken mast, or a smaller mast, depending what is available and what the crew is able to lift and lash into place. The term "jerry rig" may also be a blending of "jerry-built" namely something shoddily or poorly made, and jury rig. The "jerry" has nothing to do with Germans, and in fact the slang term for German soldiers "Jerry" dates to WWI and is a British term.

The term Superman or supermen was developed by who?

It is not known who developed the term Superman or Supermen. Superman the character was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

When and by whom was the term mentalese first used?

By Jerry Fodor, in his 1975's The Language of Thought.

Why is Jerry brown able to run for governor if he already had two terms?

Jerry Brown served his terms before the california constitution made the 2 year term in 1990.