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Q: What flag is blue with 8 yellow stars?
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What color is da flag of Brazil?

Brazil's Flag has a green base with a yellow diamond. The green symbolizes Brazil's lush vegitation, while the yellow represents Brazil's wealth in gold. inside the diamond, there is a blue sphere with 27 stars inside of it. The blue stands for the deep blue hue of the sky tn the tropics, and lastly, the 27 stars represent Brazil's capital and its federal states.

How many stars are on the Alaska state flag?

There are 8 stars on the Alaska state flag.

How many stars are on Alaska's state flag?

The Alaska flag has a blue field with eight yellow stars. The seven smaller stars represent the Big Dipper (an asterism in the constellation Ursa Major, the Big Bear); the large star represents the North Star, also called Polaris (representing Alaska's northern location).See the Related Links for more information.

How many stars are on the venezuelan flag?

There are 8 white stars in a semicircle in the center.

How many stars were on the US flag in 1841?


How many stars were on the flag in 1895?

Between July 4, 1891 and July 4, 1896, the adoption of a new American flag, there were 44 stars on the flag, after the adoption of Wyoming into the union. The stars are arranged 8 7 7 7 7 8 from top to bottom.

8 rays of the Philippines flag?

these are the colours : Blue, white, yellow and red Blue represents noble ideas Red represents courage and bravery White represents peace and purity Yellow represents something but i do not know

Why does the venezuelan flag have 8 stars?

The eight stars on the Venezuelan flag represents each of the country's provinces. Guayana was the eighth province to gain independence in 1817.

What do the 8 stars in Venezuela's flag mean?

how the hail should i know

How many stars are on the Alaskan flag?

8 Stars, 7 little ones and 1 big one :D

In a bag of 25 marble's 7 are blue 4 are green 8 are red and the rest are yellow what is the ratio of blue marble's to yellow marble's?

25 marbles = 7 blue + 4 green + 8 red + 6 yellow The ratio of blue to yellow marbles is 7:6

What do the stars on the Brazilian flag mean?