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Honesyly you can have Syd,Syddy, Sissy, SydneyPoo anything add your own flavva and don't be afraiddd to say anything you wanna say. Have fun and be extra creative

-Love CYd

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Q: What is a good nickname for Sydney?
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What is a good nickname for a tomboyish girl named Sydney?


What is another name for the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

The nickname of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is The Coathanger, in reference to its shape.

Do Sydney from kids react is on What is here nickname?


Who is sydney woltman?

sydney woltman is the second best girl in the world! her nickname is squid and she is my bf!!! squid, type in who is chloe eveld!

What is the Sydney Harbour Brudge nickname?

Yes. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is commonly nicknamed The Coat-hanger because of its distinctive arch style.

Is nan a good nickname for Hannah?

If you like 'Nan' as a nickname, then yes, it is a good nickname.

What is nicknamed the Coathanger in Sydney?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was given this unofficial nickname because its distinctive high arch shape resembles an older style coathanger.

Is there a longer form of name Sydney?

no. its not like a nickname but however it can be sydneytion witch is a not common name

Was it good or bad that they built the Sydney harbor Brudge?

It is very good for Sydney to get more torisits

IS cornflake a good nickname?

A good nickname for what? Sounds a bit pansy

What nickname for athletes of East Timor in Sydney 2000?

They call themselves the "Individual Olympic (and Paralympic) Athletes".

What is a good nickname for Paris?

It does not require a nickname.