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Don't go bananas when I tell you what I know.

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Q: What is a sentence with the idiom go bannans?
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What is Bannans's population?

Bannans's population is 338.

What is the area of Bannans?

The area of Bannans is 11.56 square kilometers.

What is a sentence with the word idiom?

My Favorite IDIOM Is, When Pigs Fly.

Is the sentence this homework is taking forever a idiom or a hyperbole?


Is always go and search for the correct idiom grammatically correct?

The phrase "Always go in search for the correct idiom" is #39 on a list called "The Bestest Guide to Gooder English". The idiom in the sentence is "go in search for" and it's not incorrect,really, but just kind of strange. "Use appropriate idioms" or "If you're going to use an idiom, make sure it's appropriate" would be better, I imagine.The one on that list I haven't figured out is #40, "3D96#" Anybody know that one?

How do you put idiom in an example sentence?

To include an idiom in an example sentence, simply incorporate the idiom naturally into the sentence to convey a figurative meaning. For example, "She had a chip on her shoulder" is an idiom meaning she was easily offended or held a grudge.

If an expression cannot be used in a sentence does that mean that it's not an idiom?

An idiom usually is a sentence, or part of one. It certainly can be used as part of a sentence. The way to tell if it's an idiom is if it makes sense the way it's literally written.

Is the sentence 'let's do lunch some time next week' an idiom?

The sentence is not, because an idiom is usually a phrase. The idiom is "do lunch," which means to have lunch together, usually while discussing business.

Can you get purple banana's?

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How do you use the idiom 'your life is like a carbon copy' in a sentence?

That IS a sentence.

What is an example sentence with the idiom 'throw the book at him'?

"Throw the book at him" IS a sentence.

Is the sentence Take it easy an idiom?